Thursday, June 15, 2006

Promotional Flier

A new promotional flier has been circulating from The Jim Henson Company to promote the film to distributors, investors and promoters. Aside from the brief film description, plot summary and release information, the flyer includes newly seen pictures of Jen, Kira and Thurma.

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Anonymous said...

power of the dark crystal better
be better then the original, because jen and kira's mouths didn't move, and the fact that
they did move without looking a person was moving them was freaky,
and there was probably a few real
places in the dark crystal, but
the power of the dark crystal is
gonna have cgi backrounds in it.
which is, i hope will make it
look a whole lot better.

tajohansen13cscom said...

Umm...maybe it was because your audio was bad on your DVD or something, dude, because I always look back and I DO see Jen and Kira's mouths moving in the film...and a sequel could never amount to the first because it was so magical back in the 80s, hence the time it was made in and the way we do things now in movies there's absolutely no guarantee it will ever be better than the original....and the story for the sequel, no offense, sounds weak to me just like Frank Oz said and I've got to tell you, I agree with him...but it doesn't stop me from going to see it, the plot just doesn't really add up..