Thursday, February 8, 2007

Production Status

In regard to the recent rumors and speculation that has been swirling around the internet lately, the Jim Henson Company released this statement earlier today:

"The Jim Henson Company remains committed to producing Power of the Dark Crystal. The film has not been “cancelled” or “put on hiatus” or any of the other rumored status changes that have been floating around. This film is an ambitious undertaking for us and it continues to move forward...We are grateful to the fans who support Power of the Dark Crystal and we are excited to make this new chapter in the Dark Crystal story a reality."

– Lisa Henson, co-CEO of The Jim Henson Company & producer of Power of the Dark Crystal


Lilac Wood said...

Monderful news! I can't wait!
"The Dark Crystal" is one of the most beautiful movies in the world, and I am vary confident that "The Power of the Dark Crystal" will be just as beautiful!

Pebbles said...

I got to this site by accident when searching for something else, but I am glad I did! The Dark Crystal is one of my all time favorite movies!!! I watched it, and then when my children were old enough, I made them watch it. It will always be one of Jim's bests! I will definately watch this movie, and then own it when it becomes avaliable. Thanks for continuing this production. IT'S GONNA BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

Fizz said...

I heard rumors that Brian Froud hasn't been invited to the US for production. Anyone know if this is true?

I need more information!! Has production actually started yet? I heard rumors before that filming would start in 06 and movie would be out sometime in 07.

Must know more!!!

Wayne said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I found out about this production after checking on the Wikipedia Dark Crystal entry, and I remember watching the original in the theater lo those many years ago.

The Dark Crystal was a little treasure of a movie and I'm hoping that the new one will be as odd, unique and magical as the first. And with the new world of DVD extras, be sure to document this like crazy, there's no such thing as too much information when it comes to a movie like this.

Ansis said...

Looking forward to this greatly.
I hope puppets are used to a great degree.
Animatronics and puppetry augmented with CGI would look great!
I trust the screenplay will have that Henson muppet flair as well.

Rough and Tumble Boy said...

It's time for an update! Give us fans some love, please!

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